The Website Tips & Tricks

The Website Tips & Tricks


  • Come up with a unique name for your website, and it’s best to keep it short and sweet. Long names are hard to remember, and even harder to type out.
  • If you aren’t good with HTML, select a host/blogging platform that offers nice templates/layouts or find someone who’s willing to code and design your site for you.
  • Become affiliates with good quality, high traffic sites. This will greatly improve your own site’s traffic.
  • Keep your site organized. Make it easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. If they have to search every single page, it can get rather tedious.
  • Come up with creative and useful content. Visitors will spread the word if they find something unique on your site.
  • Update regularly. Regular updates help to keep your visitors regular. If you go for months without updating your visitors will get bored, and forget about you. However, do not be afraid to take the occasional break.
  • If you do take a break try to keep your visitors up-to-date on when you’re on hiatus/when you will return.
  • Use language that’s appropriate for all visitors! Swearing or obscene remarks could cause you to lose a lot of potential visitors.
  • Try visiting your website using different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to ensure that all visitors can navigate your site easily. Also, sometimes a site’s design can change dramatically when using a different browser or device.
  • When commenting on other sites, do not leave a promotional link or expect the site owner to automatically come and comment on your site.

Book Blogging Sites

  • Make sure to balance original content with the various memes and blog tour/promotional posts.
  • Try to write your reviews BEFORE reading anyone else’s review on the same book. This helps to insure you aren’t unconsciously including similar ideas, phrases, etc.
  • Include the cover art with all reviews/promotional posts (Check out this post for more ideas about what to include with a review).
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up and include posts about TV, film, or even personal posts.
  • Post your reviews to sites like Goodreads, Amazon, etc. as well as on your blog.
  • Most book bloggers, authors, and even publishers are very active on sites like Twitter and Facebook, so having accounts for those sites are a huge plus. Also, most blogging platforms have plug-ins that allow you to automatically share new blog posts on both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Wait until you have been blogging for a few months and have established some type of following before requesting books for review. (Also check out my article: Review Requests the Pros & Cons)
  • If you are interested in requesting books for review, it is a huge plus to have an e-reader or a device capable of installing an e-reader app. E-books are cheaper for publishers to create, and a ton of different publishers post their books on NetGalley.
  • When you begin getting review books, participating in blog tours, doing promotional posts, and participating in weekly/monthly memes it can become easy to get overwhelmed. Staying organized is very important as you do not want to miss deadlines for special events, and you do not want to miss review dates for a blog tour or a publisher-provided book (Here are some tips on staying organized)!
  • Always be professional and do not burn any bridges!
  • Check out my Top Ten Bookish Websites/Apps.

Fan Sites

  • Come up with a large gallery! Many people may come to your site looking for pictures. If you can’t afford to buy your own domain for a gallery or don’t know how to set up Coppermine, is a great source for free hosting!
  • Also offering downloads/or links to streaming scenes, films, interviews, etc. of the subject you’re a fan of, is a big plus.
  • Fans also love finding high quality fanart such as desktop wallpapers, icons, banners, fanvideos etc.
  • Keep up-to-date with the celebrity/TV show/movie you are following!
  • As with any successful site, updating regularly is a must.

Any thoughts?