Review: Sinner

sinnerTitle: Sinner

Series: The Wolves of Mercy Falls 3.5

Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Read via: ARC received at Book Con (thanks!)

Sinner follows Cole St. Clair, a pivotal character from the #1 New York Times bestselling Shiver Trilogy. Everybody thinks they know Cole’s story. Stardom. Addiction. Downfall. Disappearance. But only a few people know Cole’s darkest secret — his ability to shift into a wolf. One of these people is Isabel. At one point, they may have even loved each other. But that feels like a lifetime ago. Now Cole is back. Back in the spotlight. Back in the danger zone. Back in Isabel’s life. Can this sinner be saved?

If there was one thing that would have made the chaos of Book Con worth it, it was receiving an advanced copy of Sinner. Cole and Isabel were my favorite characters in Linger and Forever, and I was disappointed with the ending they had in Forever. Therefore, you can imagine how I thrilled I was when plans for Sinner were announced, and I’m happy to say that it was so worth the wait. I am utterly in love with this book, and it completely killed me.

Cole and Isabel are just as broken, raw, and amazing as they were before. Cole, especially, repeatedly broke my heart. His emotional struggles felt so incredibly real, and I empathized with him immensely. However, Isabel remains my favorite character. She’s rough, brutal at times, but her tough exterior hides so much pain and heart. The relationship between the two of them is complicated if nothing else, but for some reason these two seem to make each other better. It’s a messy road they travel though. In addition to Isabel and Cole, Sinner is filled with a marvelous cast of characters. Leon, Jeremy, and Sofia were amazing. All of them provided brilliant moments of humor, but also heartbreaking and fun glimpses into their own lives.

From the moment I began reading, Sinner was impossible to put down. It has Maggie Stiefvater’s usual gorgeous writing full of dramatic storytelling and lyrical prose. While this may classify as fantasy (there are werewolves after all), honestly, there were moments when I forgot about this because these characters and their struggles could easily exist in the “real world.” There may be wolves, but Sinner is truly an in-depth look at addiction, fame, relationships, and pain in so many forms.

In the end, Sinner may be my new favorite of The Wolves of Mercy Falls. I cannot explain how brutally intense and emotional this book was, and I would highly recommend it. Occasionally, when authors decide to continue on a completed series it doesn’t work, but Sinner only improves upon the books that came before. However, I would warn that some moments could be triggering.

Cover: 3.5
Plot: 4
Writing: 4.5
Personally: 4.5

Overall: 4.1 out of 5

TV Lately #4


teenwolfShow: Teen Wolf

Network: MTV

# of Seasons Aired: S4 will premiere shortly

Currently Watching: Season 1

Premise: “MTV’s reboot of the classic 1980s cult movie Teen Wolf. Scott is a typical high school student until one night he is bitten by a strange animal while walking in the woods. His best friend tries to help him understand the changes he’s going through as he becomes a werewolf.”

Thoughts: I originally watched the first 2-3 episodes of Teen Wolf when the show first premiered, but I gave up on it. However, the dedicated fandom and my best friend finally convinced me to give it another shot. Once again it was a bit of a slow start, but now I’m hooked and I can’t wait for the next season to arrive at the library! I still don’t completely love Scott or Jackson, but I adore Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and even most of the adults! Sometimes the effects can be a bit cheesy, but overall this is a fun, thrilling show.

Favorite Episodes: Night School, Code Breaker


Show: Firefly

Network: FOX firefly

# of Seasons Aired: 1 + movie

Currently watching: Season 1

Premise: “”Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don’t care I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me. Take me out to the black, tell them I ain’t coming back. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the sky from me……There’s no place I can be since I found Serenity, you can’t take the sky from me.” Firefly is set five hundred years from today in a new planetary system after humanity abandons “Earth That Was”. Under the leadership of Malcolm Reynolds, a renegade who fought against the new unified central government (the “Alliance”), the crew of the Firefly-class vessel Serenity struggles to survive any way they can.”

Thoughts: I’ve watched Firefly multiple times, and each time I fall in love again. This rewatch is even more fun as I’m watching with my sister who hasn’t seen it before (jealous!). If you haven’t seen Firefly before, it is brilliant and you should be watching right now (it’s available on Netflix). The premise may seem rather strange, but it works especially when paired with the fantastic, hugely talented cast and marvelous writing.

Favorite Episodes: Safe, Out of Gas, Objects in Space, Bushwhacked

Review: We Were Liars

wewereliarsTitle: We Were Liars

Author: E. Lockhart

Read via: Library

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

If you haven’t heard of this book yet, I would be immensely shocked. It is everywhere. This is pretty much why I ended up reading it. Several bloggers I follow on Twitter were raving about this book, and I was convinced I had to check it out. Honestly though , If I were to sum up my feelings for this in one word, it would be “disappointing.”

The premise is quite fascinating, and the author does a marvelous job of keeping the reader in suspense. The questions and secrets were definitely what kept me reading. I’m infinitely curious, and I hate not knowing the answers. I had to finish the book so I’d know what crazy twist everyone’s been going on about. In the end, I don’t know how I feel about the twist. It was not one of my initial theories, so I liked the fact that I was surprised. However, I felt that the ending was wrapped up too neatly after everything that happens.

Okay, so the characters were what really did not work for me. I am a character-driven reader in general, and this truly came into play here. I understand having unlikable, difficult characters, but these characters just came across as flat, lifeless. I didn’t even hate them as much as I felt they were apathetic. I did not care if a single one lived or died. I need an emotional connection with at least one character, and this book did not offer that at all.

Overall, I found We Were Liars to be an immense letdown especially after all the hype surrounding it. I did enjoy the aura of mystery that inhabits the story, but without an emotional connection with the characters, I couldn’t like this one. Obviously, some people have truly loved this book, but it was not for me and I couldn’t recommend it.

Cover: 3
Plot: 3
Writing: 2.5
Personally: 2.5

Overall: 2.7 out of 5

Reread Lately #1

Just brief thoughts on books I’ve read for the second (or third or fourth…) time.

meanttobeMeant to Be

Lauren Morrill

“Meant to be or not meant to be . . . that is the question.

It’s one thing to fall head over heels into a puddle of hazelnut coffee, and quite another to fall for the—gasp—wrong guy…” 

This was the second time I’ve read Meant to Be, and I found it to be just as funny and heartwarming as I remembered. The romance is adorable and I love the setting!

Originally read: 8/31/12 – 4 stars – Original Review
Reread: 6/11/14 – 4 stars


Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour amyrogerepicdetour

Morgan Matson

“The road home may be unfamiliar – especially with their friendship venturing into uncharted territory – but together, Amy and Roger will figure out how to map their way.”

I thought I’d read this at least one other time, but if I did I forgot to change it on Goodreads. Either way, I fell in love with this book all over again, and possibly, even more than the last time. I especially appreciated all of the supporting characters so much more this time around, and apparently, I loved Roger more (did not remember this but I guess we had a rough start).

Originally read: 4/21/11 – 4 stars – Original Review
Reread: 5/28/14 – 4.5 stars

breakingbeautifulBreaking Beautiful

Jennifer Shaw Wolf

As their small town mourns his death, Allie is afraid to remember because doing so means delving into what she’s kept hidden for so long: the horrible reality of their abusive relationship.” 

This is the only book I reread recently that I feel like I didn’t love quite as much. I remembered loving this book when I read it, but it didn’t quite capture me so much this time. It was still good, but maybe I’d built it up too much in my memory.

Originally read: 11/11/11 – 4 stars – Original Review
Reread: 5/13/14 – 3.5 stars

Possible Upcoming Rereads

Perfect Chaos by Linea & Cinda Johnson
The O’Malley series by Dee Henderson
Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

Review: Since You’ve Been Gone

sinceyouvebeengoneTitle: Since You’ve Been Gone

Author: Morgan Matson

Read via: E-copy received at Book Con (thanks!)

The Pre-Sloane Emily didn’t go to parties, she barely talked to guys, she didn’t do anything crazy. Enter Sloane, social tornado and the best kind of best friend—the one who yanks you out of your shell. But right before what should have been an epic summer, Sloane just… disappears. No note. No calls. No texts. No Sloane. There’s just a random to-do list. On it, thirteen Sloane-selected-definitely-bizarre-tasks that Emily would never try… unless they could lead back to her best friend. Apple Picking at Night? Ok, easy enough. Dance until Dawn? Sure. Why not? Kiss a Stranger? Wait… what?

Getting through Sloane’s list would mean a lot of firsts. But Emily has this whole unexpected summer ahead of her, and the help of Frank Porter (totally unexpected) to check things off. Who knows what she’ll find?

Morgan Matson has definitely proven to be one of my must-read authors, and this book only makes me even more excited for her next. Also, she has an endless ability to elicit an emotional response from her reader (at least in my case). I think she’s one of the only authors who has made me tear up in every book, and while I wasn’t sobbing during this book like I did in Second Chance Summer, there were certainly a few tears.

Since You’ve Been Gone did start a bit slow for me. It took me a few chapters to get completely hooked, but once I did, it was very hard to put down. One of the things that I struggled with at the beginning was that I had no idea where the story was going or even what kind of story this was. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (and looking back I appreciate it), but it did have an effect on me. Honestly, I still do not know how I would classify this book which is pretty awesome. This is a romance but also a story of friendship. It’s a story about family but also coming-of-age.

I just want to keep these characters with me! I related to Emily in so many ways, and even when her decisions drove me crazy, I could understand and empathize with her and her choices. The growth she shows over the course of the novel was beautiful. Sloane was also a favorite which is somewhat amusing considering she appears in flashbacks. However, I loved the relationship between her and Emily. They start as the classic shy girl/popular girl combination, but slowly the layers are peeled back and it goes much deeper. Having just this friendship would have been enough for me, but there are also some incredible other friendships throughout the novel. Frank and Emily share a great bond that grows very organically and develops into this fantastic friendship and I loved the dynamic between Frank and Collins. Of the great supporting characters, my favorites were Collins (I LOVE HIM!), Beckett, and Dawn. Although Dawn’s storyline is the  one issue I had with this book as I felt her and Emily’s story was never fully resolved; I found this a little disappointing.

Overall, Since You’ve Been Gone is another Morgan Matson book to add to the favorites shelf. I was impressed by her complex and raw characters, her suspenseful and natural storytelling, and her ability to make me feel something for each character involved. I would highly recommend this book (and her others) especially to fans of Lauren Morrill and Sarah Dessen. Also, if at all possible go for a hard copy as there are lots of great inclusions (mainly playlists) that aren’t as well formatted in an e-copy.

Cover: 5
Plot: 5
Writing: 4.5
Personally: 5

Overall: 4.8 out of 5

Book Con: The Panel

Book Con – The Panels

Epic Storytelling


One of the highlights of Book Con was definitely the Epic Storytelling panel with Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, and Maggie Stiefvater. If nothing else amazing had happened at Book Con this would have made it worth it for me (but yes, we did get to do other marvelous things!). The line for this panel was insanely long, but luckily, we showed up over an hour early and were able to make it in. My favorite thing about this panel was definitely the humor. I laughed a lot. All three women are absolutely hilarious along with being crazy talented. I took a ton of notes during this panel (but honestly, they don’t all make sense to me now), and I’ve condensed them into several top moments/comments below!

  • Maggie Stiefvater talked briefly about why she wrote Sinner. She said that while Sam and Grace’s story was complete Isabel and Cole still had more (to which I nodded emphatically and screamed, “THANK YOU,” in my head of course).
  • Holly Black & Cassandra Clare talked about the inspiration for their new collaboration (The Iron Trial). It centers around a big twist -they couldn’t talk about that though ha! – but did go on to discuss how it plays on the concept of a heroic arc, idea of a chosen one, etc. Apparently, they came up with the idea in an airport when Holly Black was super crazy without coffee (lol).
  • 10348759_10152118181101301_7398141847234792263_o (1)“All good writers start out as good readers.” Awesome thought although I can’t remember who said it (but they all agreed). Along the same lines – write books you wish you could find on a shelf.
  • There was a whole conversation about Maggie Stiefvater’s father being a flight surgeon, and -I believe it was Holly Black- asked if flight surgeons were on civilian flights. However, if you’re a civilian you’re going to die as they’re on military flights. This was a hilarious little tangent that had the audience cracking up.
  • Lights suddenly came on over the table they were sitting at which triggered awesome responses from Holly Black (“visited by the light of elves”) and Maggie Stiefvater (rocking an awesome pair of sunglasses). 10368980_10152118182026301_2902355112776899748_o
  • All three authors talked a bit about world building and creating “epic” stories.
    -Magic must have a cost/consequences.
    -Holly Black discussed the idea of making a magic system based on cheese – “a dark time” – but according to Cassandra Clare it has been put into the past. They talked about their current magic system being based on alchemy. However, Maggie Stiefvater misheard alchemy as alcohol (fantastic moment!).
  • Maggie Stiefvater talked about how she initially hated L.A. and wanted to burn it to the ground, but returned 8 months later and LOVED it (it definitely shows in Sinner).
  • It was asked how they know when a book is finished…
    -Holly Black: “They take it away from you.” Which she admitted might be necessary otherwise she wouldn’t stop making changes.
    -Cassandra Clare said the publisher sent a huge man to take her book away.
  • My favorite comment of the entire panel came from Holly Black when she said that she liked editing because it was like cleaning the toilet (she can’t make it worse).
  • 1559509_10152118183266301_5385949144305210901_oOne of the last parts of the panel we were there for was when they were discussing similarities between themselves and their characters. Holly Black said to be each one of your characters in some way. Then they each listed who they related to the most in their own books:
    -Cassandra Clare – Callum (The Iron Trial – I’m assuming) and Tessa (Infernal Devices)
    -Holly Black – Aaron (not sure? I haven’t read many of her books) and Cassel Sharpe (Curse Workers)
    -Maggie Stiefvater – Cole (Wolves of Mercy Falls)

We left the panel about 10 minutes early (trying to make it to Danielle Fishel’s signing which we failed at), so we missed the end and didn’t snag any of the books they were giving away which wasn’t a big deal to us.

The Fault in Our Stars


Somehow we miraculously made it into this panel, and I am so grateful we did. We waited for what felt like forever and were convinced we weren’t getting in (the panel just started late). Ultimately, we were in one of the last groups to make it into the Special Events Hall and ended up having to stand which was still worth it. The panel consisted of a moderator, Sara Vilkomerson; the president of Fox 2000 Pictures, Elizabeth Gabler; director, Josh Boone; screenwriters, Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber; actor, Nat Wolff; and author, John Green. The entire panel was hilarious and fascinating (sadly, it was too dark plus standing = no notes), but the best part was the camaraderie between Nat Wolff and John Green. Also, there was a great moment when a question regarding cosplay came up (most on the panel didn’t know what this was which John Green found immensely 10353429_10152118190086301_7605035426564434640_odisappointing) and pretty much everyone decided to go as the Doctor (one person said it and it got a great response so the others repeated it down the line). The audience Q & A was pretty fun as well (except for the near stampede, but John Green put a stop to that), and one fan’s comment impressed John Green so much that he climbed off the stage to shake his hand (adorable moment)! Speaking of adorable moments, there was kissing of the head between John Green and Nat Wolff. Seriously, I just want to keep them in my pocket as they were so amusing and cute.

All photos were taken by my awesome friend Laura S. 

Review: Fangirl

fangirlcoverTitle: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Read via: Purchased (Kindle edition)

Now that they’re going to college, Wren has told Cath she doesn’t want to be roommates. Cath is on her own, completely outside of her comfort zone. She’s got a surly roommate with a charming, always-around boyfriend, a fiction-writing professor who thinks fan fiction is the end of the civilized world, a handsome classmate who only wants to talk about words… And she can’t stop worrying about her dad, who’s loving and fragile and has never really been alone.

For Cath, the question is: Can she do this?

More info @Goodreads


I will admit I had my doubts about Fangirl. I read Eleanor & Park a while back, and I was not wildly impressed. At the start of Fangirl, I was worried that it would disappoint as it started a little slow for me. However, I am happy to report that this book lived up to the hype. Fangirl was not only an adorable romance and a quirky coming-of-age story but it was also the best representation of fandom I’ve seen yet.

So the characters in Fangirl are brilliant. Cath is completely me when I was a freshman in college. I was definitely that anxiety-ridden, timid girl who was afraid to leave her dorm and found great comfort in fandom. Cath messes up and makes mistakes and frustrates you, but she just feels utterly real. However, my heart was definitely stolen by Levi. I am in love. If you read this and do not fall for Levi’s smiles, his humor, and his mistakes, I will worry about you. Also, the relationship between Levi and Cath develops fantastically. It felt very organic, and I loved the banter between them. Other standout characters for me were Reagan and Cath’s dad. Not even sure what it was about those two, but I absolutely adored them. The complicated relationship Cath and Wren had was also a big highlight.

As I mentioned above, I felt that Fangirl started off a bit slow, but once I got into it I had trouble putting it down. I found myself totally swept up in Cath’s struggles and in not only her world but that of Simon and Baz (yes, there were definitely echoes of Harry Potter which did pull me out of the story initially). I was also ecstatically happy with the way Rainbow Rowell addresses fandom. She never makes it out to be a joke or something childish as so many other people do. I would definitely recommend Fangirl especially if you’ve ever been involved in fandom, but also if you love a great coming-of-age story with an adorable romance full of complex characters.

Cover: 4
Plot: 4
Characters: 4.5
Writing: 4

Overall: 4.1 out of 5


Book Con: General Thoughts

Book Con – May 31, 2014

Book Con has come and gone. Events like this always amaze me as they seem to take forever to arrive but end in the blink of an eye. I also still have trouble believing that I was in New York attending this event. It was definitely worth the bus ride (which is also easier to say now!).

10380133_10202873533933768_8653182826787156196_oThoughts on Travel

  • Method: Greyhound bus
  • Duration: 8-9 hours each way including stops

This was our first time traveling with Greyhound, and overall it wasn’t too bad. The “open reservation” system did make me a little nervous, but we arrived about an hour before our bus was scheduled to leave and didn’t have any problems getting a seat. The stations weren’t as clean as I would prefer, but I’ve seen worse. It was frustrating that disembarking on one occasion was mandatory (even though we weren’t switching buses…?). Otherwise we just had the travel problems that can happen anywhere (a few rude riders/staff), but overall I would do it again if I had to.

Thoughts on Food

Sadly, due to the exciting waiting in very long lines morning at Book Con we didn’t get a chance to grab breakfast which wasn’t awesome. This played a part in choosing to grab lunch instead of waiting in line for one of the panels we’d been hoping to see. Be aware of the prices if you’re planning to eat at Javits. It is very pricey at least at the cafe where we ate. A lunch meat sandwich (which I did not realize had mustard – eww!) and a bottle of tea cost about $15. We were worn out by dinnertime (and I was feeling queasy about facing the bus again), so we just grabbed a quick bite at Dunkin Donuts for dinner. I had an awesome bagel and the staff was really nice.10321173_10202873533893767_3650231329625035338_o

Thoughts on Book Con

LINES! If you’re going to Book Con be prepared to wait in lines repeatedly and for extended periods of time. I had expected lines to be a part of an event like this, but even I was surprised by the disorganization and pure chaos that most of the lines we waited in were. I don’t know if the turnout was more than the staff/volunteers had expected, but it didn’t seem like they were prepared to adequately deal with the crowds (The Fault in Our Stars and Epic Storytelling lines were probably the craziest we were in). Also, when standing in lines talking with your friends, PLEASE try not to spoil the ending of a popular book that’s been out less than a week. I will guarantee you that not everyone standing around you has read it (I’m looking at you, girls who wouldn’t stop talking about City of Heavenly Fire). It’s just very inconsiderate.

Timing was also a major problem. What we were able to see/do was awesome, but I felt like we weren’t able to do very much. A lot of the panels/autographing sessions overlapped which was frustrating, but also, you’d have to line up roughly an hour before anything in order to get in. So, in the end, we were at Javits from 6:30 AM until maybe 5/6 PM and were only able to see two panels, attend two autographing sessions, and spend maybe 15-20 minutes walking around the floor. I’ve heard rumors that they plan to split Book Con over two days next year (which would definitely help), but I also wish the show floor would have been open later.

Ideas for improvement: More open bathrooms (saw one that was closed and the other had maybe 10 stalls). No lining up for next panel/signing until first is done (this was Fig’s tip as she missed out on Ann S. Martin’s signing for this reason). Keep the show floor open later/expand event over two days so there’s more time to actually see things. SIGNS! A little directional help would be greatly appreciated. Expect huge turnout for events like TFiOS and Epic Storytelling panels and either use old-fashioned velvet rope lines or have enough staff/volunteers to corral/guide line formation.

Overall, despite the bus ride and the occasional chaos, Book Con was marvelously exciting and fun. My favorite part was definitely the two panels we saw (Epic Storytelling & TFiOS), and I was also thrilled to get books signed by Maggie Stiefvater and Morgan Matson. I didn’t come home with a crazy book haul, but I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater, a signed e-copy of Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson, and get a couple of cool tote bags. All of which I’m immensely grateful to have gotten, but ultimately, getting to see so many awesome authors and hear them speak was just brilliant.


Off to Book Con

Book Con – May 31, 2014

As pretty much anyone who follows anyone book-related (especially on Twitter) knows, this week is Book Expo America which takes place at the Javits Center in New York. This year, in addition to BEA, is Book Con. Book Con (from what I can tell) seems to be a new offshoot that anyone, instead of just industry professionals/bloggers, can attend. It will be taking place tomorrow, and the day will be filled with awesome panels, autographing sessions, various publisher booths, etc. The most exciting thing about Book Con for me is that I’m attending! I have read everyone’s blog posts and tweets about BEA for the last couple years and dreamed of attending, and now I’ll be able to get a little taste of BEA with Book Con. I’m beyond thrilled (also super nervous), and I cannot wait to get there.

What To Bring

Inspired by several blog posts/common sense

Books for signings (obviously the most important things!)
– I’m taking Shiver & Linger by Maggie Stiefvater and Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Tunes & Snacks (long ride for us)

Notebook (I love taking notes!), pens, and a Sharpie (this was on everyone’s list)

Business cards

Basic toiletries (I’ve seen deodorant/perfume mentioned a lot)

Extra bag or a bag with extra space (for whatever you pick up along the way)

What to Wear

Layers seem to be the way to go (I’ve heard Javits is hot AND cold…)

Good, comfortable shoes

What to Do

*My top picks for panels/autograph sessions


  • Maggie Stiefvater autographing (ticketed, so wish me luck!)
  • “My First Novel: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Writing, Publishing and Promoting a Book”
  • “Epic Storytelling with Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and Maggie Stiefvater”
  • Morgan Matson autographing
  • “The Fault in Our Stars”


  • “The World Agrees: #WeNeedDiverseBooks”
  • Cassandra Clare autographing (also, ticketed)
  • “Your Opinion Sucks! Special Edition: Rotten Tomatoes Critics vs. Fans; Best and Worst Book-to-Film Adaptations”
  • Danielle Fishel Q & A + autographing
  • “Dystopian Futures: Are They Science-Fact-or-Fiction?”

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about this trip although I’m still trying to convince myself it isn’t just a dream. However, it will all definitely feel real when we get to Javits tomorrow morning (bright & early), and I’m hoping it isn’t too chaotic. If I post anything during the day it will be on Twitter, so follow me there if you’re interested (@hallowswitch), and be sure to check back here next week for a recap!

Have any tips for attending BEA/Book Con? Please share! 


Update, Apology, and Excitement


So, it’s been a while. Yeah, there’s really not a good reason for how neglectful I’ve been. I have many excuses though which I’m happy to share.

1. Last fall was my final semester of college and it got a little bit crazier than I expected.

2. I finished college in December(!), therefore I spent the first few months of the new year freaking out about having no idea what to do next.

3. I was in a massive reading slump last year, and it’s rather hard to write reviews for books when you aren’t reading many books.

4. Laziness. Just a little bit.

Okay, excuses portion is over now. Where am I planning to go from here? Honestly, I’m making no promises or guarantees. I’m hoping to start a full-time job soon, and I have no idea how much free time I’m going to have. However, I have missed blogging and the blogging community(although I’ve still been lurking and reading other blogs), so I am hoping to remain somewhat active here. I also have several notebook pages of reviews and ideas that I have yet to utilize, and my book-loving mind will undoubtedly be even more inspired after I attend Book Con next weekend (SO EXCITED!). Like so many other areas in my life, I’m not sure what is coming next, but there will definitely be something. I apologize for the lack of updates, but please check back soon!