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Owner: Nicci
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Previous Titles: Nicci’s Niche / Beautiful Dreamers / Scarlett Moon
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The History

I have been blogging and site building since October 2006. My first sites were on Freewebs and were fan sites or for various stories/poems my sister and I wrote. I then went on to create a personal/fanart site for myself, which has gone through various incarnations. It was most recently Scarlett Moon. In January of 2011, I stumbled across The Story Siren. Before that I’d had no knowledge of the world of book blogging. Needless to say, I was completely captivated by what I found. I was so excited to find all these people who seemed to love books as much as I did. Anyhow, I wanted to participate in Kristi’s Debut Author Challenge, thus Paper Dreams was born. I fell in love with book blogging, and was quite dedicated to it through summer 2012. During that summer, I experienced a bit of a burnout, but did return to blogging in the fall. However, I felt restricted by book blogging, and thus expanded Paper Dreams to include TV and film. Even with these inclusions, I still felt Paper Dreams to be to narrow. Therefore, I decided to merge Paper Dreams with the rather dormant Scarlett Moon, and Paper Dreams was reborn as a blog for whatever musings my mind felt like thinking about.

The Names

Nicci’s Niche – Well, because Nicci is my name & the site was my own little ‘niche’. It was really that simple.

Beautiful Dreamers – Since this site was for myself & my sister, we wanted something plural, and the name ultimately came from the song my mom used to sing. “beautiful dreamers, dream unto me…..”
*I don’t know who the song was by & the exact lyrics, mostly I just hear the melody.

Scarlett Moon – Scarlett Moon is really a very symbolic title for me. Scarlett stands for the color(red/scarlet), but I changed the spelling because I liked the double T better. The ‘moon’ part is symbolic for night. All in all the title is one very personal to me, for reasons I can’t go completely into detail with. ;)

Paper Dreams – This title was a rather random one. I was trying to find something that helped to portray the fact that the blog was (originally) focused on book blogging, and thus, the “paper” part. The “dreams” part came from the idea that most books begin as an author’s dream, and also it relates to the fact that I’m a dreamer.

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