30 by 30

30 Things to Do Before 30

I came across this list, and I was inspired to make my own.

01. See Wicked, preferably on Broadway June 2013: Broadway Touring Company
02. Run a marathon October 2013: Color Run 5K
03. Go to Disney
04. Go to a concert June 2013: Darren Criss
05. Graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree December 2013: English
06. Go a month without dessert
07. Submit poems for publication
08. Hit 1,000 followers on Paper Dreams
09. Take a self-defense class
10. Read 200 books in one year
11. Fall in love with a good guy
12. Find a good full-time job
13. Go a month without buying a book April 2014
14. Make new friends
15. Donate to my alma mater
16. Visit the ocean
17. Create a monthly budget plan
18. Attempt to phase off my medication Summer/Fall 2013
19. Buy a new car
20. Buy a house/Rent an apartment
21. Visit Chicago again
22. Travel overseas
23. Put childhood pictures in scrapbook/photo album
24. Take a drawing class Fall 2013
25. Find a community theatre group to participate in
26. Make a quilt
27. Write a book
28. Be an extra in a movie/Visit a film set
29. Learn how to change a flat tire
30. Live life to the fullest

Any thoughts?