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PD_me2012aAbout Her

Nicci, 24

I’m a recent college grad with a degree in English Writing (and a minor in Communication Studies) hoping to land a job that incorporates, in some form, storytelling. For as long as I can remember, stories have played an important role in my life. As a young girl, I would write and direct plays starring my sister and our friends. Throughout my adolescence, I dabbled in fanfiction as well as original fiction. Falling into adulthood, poetry became a form of solace. Film and television have always fascinated me as well. It was only recently though that I began to ponder the connection that all of these things have for me. I realized my world has continually and consistently been focused around storytelling, and there are many stories I still wish to tell.

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25 Random Facts

1. My absolute favorite color is green.
2. I love ice cream.
3. I have a puppy named Juliet(Yetta) who is quite spoiled.
4. I’m addicted to bubble gum(preferably Extra).
5. My favorite television shows are BTVS & Veronica Mars & Doctor Who.
6. Boots are the best form of footwear.
7. I’m constantly starting & only sometimes finishing random TV shows.
8. I carry my phone almost 24/7, but still tend to miss most people’s calls.
9. My younger sister is my best friend.
10. I was addicted to Disney Channel, when it was good. ;)
11. I am obsessed with crime shows (NCIS/Bones/Castle…).
12. Languages are not my forte, especially pronunciation.
13. Cracked Up to Be is one of my favorite books.
14. My taste in men is never approved of by my family or me in retrospect.
15. My best friend may be disowned because she doesn’t like Dimitri (Vampire Academy)!
16. I never mark the page when I’m reading, I just rely on my memory.
17. I do a lot of stupid things that I know I’m going to regret later.
18. I am crazy.
19. Every year my goal is to read 200 books, but I have yet to.
20. I hate going to work, but usually like being there.
21. I’ve read almost all of the currently popular, YA, vampire series.
22. I think I may be part mermaid.
23. Since I started working at a movie store, my film collection has doubled.
24. I have terrible luck with technology.
25. Usually, I don’t like American remakes of television (*cough*Skins*cough*).

Any thoughts?