Month in Movies: July


This monthly meme was inspired by Holly’s Movie Madness posts & by someone else’s, but I cannot remember who at the moment.

1. Edge of Tomorrow

I was hesitant to see this as the last sci-fi Tom Cruise film I saw was not impressive (Oblivion…boring), but the fact that Jonas Armstrong is in this completely won me over. While his part is rather small, I did end up enjoying it more than I expected. The plot, which could have ended up feeling incredibly repetitive, was fast-paced, thrilling, and fun. This is worth a shot if you enjoy a good, action-packed sci-fi film.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Buy or Borrow: Borrow

2. Begin Again (2)

Blown away! I completely and utterly adored this film. The reviews I’d read before seeing it had been favorable, but I still was surprised by how truly awesome this was. The cast is absolutely brilliant. Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo can portray so much emotional depth in a single look. Plus, the music is phenomenal. I definitely went straight to the store and purchased the soundtrack! Also, I saw this twice if that’s any indication of how fantastic this is.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Buy or Borrow: Buy

3. Lullaby

I had no clue what this movie was about, but the cast intrigued me. Usually when this happens, I end up hating the movie. However, I found this to be quite fascinating. It’s certainly a character study rather than a majorly plot-driven piece which will probably turn some people off. I found this to be a beautiful glimpse into ordinary lives though.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Buy or Borrow: Borrow