Who am I?

Identity, I’m learning, is a fluid thing.

When I was a teen, I thought I’d figured out who I was. I was the shy, smart girl who loved books. As I fought my way into adulthood, I found myself being the crazy, fragile girl. But as I finished up college, I started to realize that both these identities I’d become used to didn’t quite fit anymore. I was terrified. I found myself panicking and wondering if I wasn’t either of those girls, who was I?

I still am smart. I still love books. I still have moments of crazy. However, I’ve realized that the person I am today is someone completely different from who I was even a year ago.

So who am I?

Like anyone, I am many things. I do not think there is one thing or action that defines me. Identity is made up of so many parts and pieces, and only when it is all placed together do we see who we are.

Similarly, I think a blog tends to reflect the fluctuating identity of its writer which is certainly natural. Things that do not evolve and adapt in some way tend to be lost to time. In the past when my interests have changed I’ve simply started over, but honestly, I do no think that’s necessary. Paper Dreams may have begun as a book blog, expanded to include other interests, and experienced a few starts and stops, but all of this has simply been examples of growth. I’m not sure how to categorize this site now, and ┬áreally my only goal now is to create honest content that I find interesting and hopefully others do as well.

So with all that said, I still kind of feel as if I’m starting over, and when beginning a relationship, introductions must be made.

Hi! I’m Nicci (which is actually my middle name). I recently graduated from college with an English Writing degree, and I am currently training to be a store manager. I live in a small town with my family with whom I’m very close to. I’m an entertainment addict. I adore storytelling particularly through books and television (although movies are awesome as well). I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I am alive and therefore anything is possible.

At this point I am coming to appreciate the fact that identity is fluid. I am not fated to be the same person, and I always have the choice to become someone different.